Radiation Protection Adviser Support for Radon Gas Exposure

L2 Business Consulting Limited is a RPA body recognised by HSE under the Ionising Radiation Regulations 2017 (IRR17) who provide advice to Employers who undertake practices involving ionising radiation and any occupational exposure carried on in an atmosphere containing radon-222 gas at an annual average activity concentration in air exceeding 300 Bq m-3.

Radon-222 gas decays to produce a series of daughter decay products which emits radioactive particles that are dangerous to humans when inhaled. The levels of radon gas in buildings vary depending on the location in the UK, building design, building materials and the location in the building (e.g. lower floors and basement are generally at greater risk).

Employers are required to have a robust strategy in place to protect employees from exposure to radon gas. This starts in the first instance with a suitable radon related radiation risk supported by a suitable radon monitoring programme.

The new IRR17 introduce a new revised radon exposure limit of annual average activity concentration in air exceeding 300 Bq m-3 that replaced the previous 400 Bq m-3 over 24-hour maximum exposure level (from the Ionising Radiations Regulations 1999).

Please contact L2 Business Consulting Limited for advice from one of our Radiation Protection Advisers regarding:

    • Radon Risk Mapping
    • Design of Radon Monitoring Programme
    • Implementation of Radon Monitoring Programme
    • Support for HSE Notification Application
    • Radon Radiation Risk Assessment
    • Remediation including the application of Engineering Controls
    • Radiation Protection Supervisor and Radon Awareness Training