Key Offerings

L2 is a leading independent UK based technical consultancy providing advice and technical support Customers operating in the nuclear, oil/gas and other high hazard industries. We provide a range of key offerings covering the aspects of our Customers business activities which have significant regulatory involvement.

Environmental Permitting

Helping you to meet your regulatory requirements for any activities which require an environmental permit/authorisation from application to surrender.

Radiological Protection

We are a provider of Radiation Protection Adviser (RPA) services to organisations who work with ionising radiation and Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser (DGSA) services to those organisations who transport radioactive materials.

Environmental Protection

We provide advice on all aspects of environmental compliance to site operators to ensure that their activities do not cause environmental pollution.

Radioactive Waste

We provide technical and regulatory support to existing and prospective generators of radioactive waste including appointment as Radioactive Waste Advisers (RWA).

Nuclear Licensing

We support existing and prospective Nuclear Site Licensees by providing advice on the regulatory requirements to hold and operate a Nuclear Site Licence.

Health and Safety

L2 provides you with a team of highly qualified safety consultants with a wealth of experience in the delivery of regulatory compliance and industry best practice across a range of industry sectors.



Providing advice and consultancy to nuclear developers, nuclear operators, reactor vendors, contractors, manufacturers and larger consultancies.

Oil and Gas

Helping you meet the oil and gas sector regulatory requirements from the environmental protection regulators

Other Markets

Covering Fossil Fuel Power Generation, Asset Management, Manufacturing, National and Local Government, Acedemic.

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