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L2 team supports existing and prospective generators of radioactive waste by providing advice on all the technical and regulatory aspects of radioactive waste management including generation, retrieval, sampling/monitoring, characterisation, segregation, treatment, packaging, storage, transport and disposal of low level, intermediate level and high level radioactive wastes.

The L2 team has decades of practical hands on experience of working in the nuclear, oil/gas and industrial markets dealing with Customers issues surrounding radioactive waste management. L2 can offer Customers comprehensive support to ensure effective management of radioactive waste at all stages of a project by providing advice on the application of Waste Hierarchy and BAT/BPM.

The beginning of effective radioactive waste management is the development of a suitable Waste Strategy. L2 personnel have been involved in facilitating optioneering workshops, development of specific waste stream strategy reports (site specific and national) and development of Integrated Waste Strategies for both operating, decommissioning and new nuclear build sites.

L2 personnel have been involved in the development of a number of Waste Studies at all stages of projects in the UK and internationally for nuclear, oil/gas and industrial markets. Our offering includes:

  • Optioneering Studies covering operational wastes, decommissioning wastes and site restoration
  • BAT/BPM Assessments
  • Radioactive Waste Management Case (RWMC) development
  • Waste treatment, packaging, storage and disposal studies
  • Waste led decommissioning optioneering studies
  • RWM Letter of Compliance (LoC) development
  • Waste Acceptance Criteria (WAC) compliance reports
  • NORM Waste Management Reports and Plans
  • Decommissioning & Waste Management Plans (DWMP)
  • Liability Cost Estimates
  • Technical and Cost Benchmarking against UK/International norms
  • Independent Peer Review
  • Independent Technical Assessment
  • Training
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The L2 team has extensive experience in planning for and executing sampling, monitoring and analysis campaigns for a range of wastes covering Out of Scope, Exempt, Low Level and Intermediate Level wastes including soils, concrete, brick, FED, graphite, IX resins, sludges (organic and inorganic) and metallic. Effective Waste Characterisation is essential to the demonstration of the use of Best Available Techniques (BAT) or Best Practicable Means (BPM), to manage radioactive wastes and any associated impacts on people and the environment. Our offerings for Waste Characterisation to Customers include:

  • Review of Radioactive Waste Management Arrangements (RWMA) surrounding radioactive waste characterisation including Customers procedures, quality assurance plans, record/document control/retention, competency and training
  • Desktop review of available data on radioactive wastes including waste provenance and previous sampling/analysis reports
  • Design of sampling, monitoring and analysis plans for radioactive wastes including use of Data Quality Objectives (DQO) process and in the use of Visual Sampling Plan (VSP) software for determining the number and location of sampling/monitoring points to ensure efficient and representative sampling/analysis
  • Execution of sampling, monitoring and analysis plans including deployment of sampling equipment, in-situ measurement techniques (e.g. High-Resolution Gamma Spectrometry) and the development of the underpinning risk assessments/method statements
  • Interpretation of sampling, monitoring and analysis data including use of the Data Quality Assessment (DQA) process, including application of uncertainty in measurement techniques
  • Development of radionuclide fingerprints for different radioactive wastes including how radionuclide fingerprints are validated
  • Development of waste stream characterisation reports
  • Development of waste stream specific radiological release criteria
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The L2 has significant experience in implementation of Waste Management activities on sites including waste led decommissioning solutions, drawing upon past UK and international experience across all elements of the nuclear fuel cycle. The L2 personnel have development and helped Customers deliver a range of practical, compliant and cost-effective solutions for the range of radioactive wastes including liaison with regulatory bodies and with waste management companies, together with providing technical and site support. Our offerings for Waste Management include:

  • Planning, technical and project management support
  • Treatment technology readiness assessments
  • Development of task specific waste plans (including dismantling vs waste flows, sampling/monitoring, segregation, applicable WAC’s, treatment, packaging, storage, transport and disposal)
  • On-site sampling and monitoring of wastes (including waste clearance)
  • Waste packaging optimisation
  • Waste loading plans
  • Waste Acceptance Criteria (WAC) compliance
  • Dose assessments/ALARP assessments
  • Maintaining waste inventories and underpinning data management
  • Audits/Inspections
  • Training
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